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Sam Hospitality Academy

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This onsite training program is designed for hotel staff who will be working in the beverages services. It gives the learner in-depth understanding of beverages. Beverages are grouped together to simplify learning.

This is a 3 day course and is designed for individuals that are or wish to join the Hospitality industry, mainly in the Food & Beverage Service department in the Hotel. It is essential for waitrons and bartenders to studies this course to get a clear understanding of the products they sell at the Food & Beverage outlets.

The Product Knowledge Course is Internationally recognized by Hotel Managers from South Africa and neighbouring countries, UK, Europe, Middle East, Dubia, USA, America and Cruise Ships

We train any restaurant staff that works for any hotel, lodge, game lodge, guest house, etc ion South Africa, Lesotho, Swaziland, Botswana and Zambia.

If you would like us to come to your establishment to train staff on site, please let us know.
Method:Short courses
Duration:3 Day
Total hours of lesson:30
Accreditation:This course is not accredited but candidates do get attendance certificates on completion of the course.
Requirements:Matric or equivalent. You must also be passionate about working in the service department in Hotels
Internship:Sam Hospitality students are assigned to take training in hotel industry or travel industry as the establishments may require. They are offered opportunities to step into well known hotels and travel companies around Johannesburg and other tourism wealthy
Students per class:20

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Contact the person in charge , free and at no obligation, for information on how to register, enrollment limit, availability and more.

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Course program

This is a 3 day course and is designed for individuals that are or wish to join the Hospitality industry, mainly in the Beverage Service department in the Hotel. It is essential for waitrons and bartenders to studies this course to get a clear understanding of the products they sell at the Food & Beverage outlets.

Course Modules:
• Basic Spirits
• Pouring Brands
• Other Spirits
• Vermouth
• Aperitifs
• Digestives
• Sherry/ Port
• Local & Imported Liqueurs
• Beer & Cider
• Alcohpops
• Minerals/ Other Minerals/ Mixers
• Energy Drinks

Sam Hospitality Academy

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Customer dies - 1%
Moved away - 3%
Influenced by friends - 5%
Lured away by the competition - 9%
Dissatisfied with product - 14%
Turned away by an attitude of indifference on the part of an employee - 68%

Can you afford not to professionally train your hotel staff? Contact us now. We have the best skills development facilitators. We offer onsite training to any hotel, lodge, conference venue, boutique hotel, guest house, restaurant, etc.

We will travel to your hotel to train staff on-site! We offer training on and off campus, anywhere in South Africa!


Sam Hospitality Academy is a well-established and well-known provider which delivers high quality advice, training and assessment to the hospitality industry. We run onsite courses which enable people to build their foundations in the sector, update their skills and increase their expertise within the hospitality world.
Operating since 2011 in South Africa, Sam Hospitality Academy is dedicated to providing personal, professional and quality training and support to every level of the hospitality sector. Our training programmes are designed to build competence, awareness and help people master new skills. We train waitrons, hotel front desk receptionists, housekeepers, bartenders and cleaners for any establishment. Be it a 3 to 5 Star Hotel, Resort, Lodge, Conference Venue, Boutique Hotel, Guesthouse or Restaurant, we promise to deliver the best training for your staff.
With on-site training from Sam Hospitality, you can train several people in the same technology/course, or you can customize your training for a non-standard technology/course deployment. There’s no need to travel for the training you need. Our on-site training option brings affordable and amazing training to your site or a convenient nearby location.
On-site training saves money by eliminating travel and hotel expenses. You also enjoy greater flexibility and more control, factors that can provide stronger results.

Onsite training provides significant cost savings as we bring the training to you so there are no travel, accommodation or car hire expenses for your course participants.


We are confident that our training is of superior quality and we commit that we will not just train your staff, but also monitor the effect of our training.

1. Identifying your training needs
First and foremost, we need to understand your business and how it operates. We discuss with each company management to identify a programme which will best achieve each company’s objectives.

2. The Training, Training Venue and Time
We will deliver training at your designated venue, at an agreed timeframe. Cumstomised training material is developed to the client’s specifications and needs. All in-class training can be done on-site and most practicals can be done in the comfort of the learners’ environment.

3. Post-Training Feedback
We require feedback from line managers, supervisors, etc post our training, to evaluate our standards and the quality and effect of our training.

4. Post-Training Support and Follow-up
It is vital that the training programme should be able to show a significant return on investment, whether it be increased performance, profitability, customer satisfaction or improved efficiency. To facilitate this we provide support based on the training done, to the establishment and employees post the training and within a period of 12 months. If suggested by the Management, we offer a free 1-day refresher course.

5. Affordability
We guarantee that on-site training will save you costs. We have recognized that that the need for training in South Africa is hindered by the travelling and accommodation costs incurred by companies when groups of staff need to attend training.


Our training can be as short as 1 day and as long as 10 days. Depending on what you and your company would like to achieve.

Are you looking for a company to train your staff? Then speak to us. We are always ready to assist you. Just call us or email your specifications. We guarantee a 24-hour turnaround.

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